Hello! My name is Rebecca and I am a beauty blogger, a YouTuber, an artist and a makeup artist currently living in Seattle, Washington.

RebeccaShoresMUA.com is all about giving an artists approach to beauty. I draw on my background in fine arts to create looks that are creative and often colorful. I focus on creating looks for tutorials that are inspiring to those who are well versed in makeup but easy to follow for those new to using cosmetics. I also write reviews on products that I've tried out. I created my blog to provide easy-to-follow tutorials, authentic and honest reviews, to share tips and tricks I've learned, and to show that makeup can be a way to enhance natural beauty or be a work of art that we wear on our faces. 

In 2013 I started my beauty blog, RebeccaShoresMUA.com and the RebeccaShoresMUA YouTube channel to share with others what I know about makeup and to be able to talk with a wider audience about all things beauty. I love discussing makeup techniques and being able to demonstrate things I’ve learned. Creating tutorials with looks that are interesting enough for those with a higher skill level to appreciate, while adding visual guides and plenty of steps so those just starting out with makeup can also follow along. My background in fine arts really helps in pairing colors for tutorials and discussing undertones in my reviews. I also worked as a freelance makeup artist for a few years before I had children.  I am always taking tutorial requests so that I can create looks that you want to see, instead of guessing what readers would be interested in, so leave those in the comments.  The product reviews I write are authentic and honest. I strive to be transparent when I've received a product free of charge or posted a sponsored review. You will find a disclaimer on reviews at the top of the page and at the end and my views are always my own. I also share some of the looks I've created during the week with you all in hopes of inspiring you!




I am from Eugene, Oregon, and grew up in the Pacific Northwest. I also lived just south of Salt Lake City in Utah when my husband was finishing up his masters and I worked as a makeup artist. We are so glad to be back in the Pacific Northwest, I am absolutely in love with Seattle. It's the perfect balance of city, forest, sea and mountains, one day we can be walking around downtown and the next taking a ferry to a quiet island, it's lovely! I am married to my high school sweetheart, Jeffrey. He is slightly nerdy, an engineer, has his masters in Physics and my best friend. We have a daughter, Julia, she keeps me on my toes, she's full of giggles, learning new things and just a joy in our lives. If I am not working on my art or makeup interests I am probably chasing her around.




I also work as a freelance fine artist. My passion is art, and painting a face isn’t that far from painting a canvas. I do lots of sketching, painting, drawing and graphic design. I am always doodling or working on portraits. I also take commissions as well as sell my work and submit to galleries.  I also have a lifestyle blog that encompasses my other interests in art, creativity, good coffee and tea, cooking, sketchbook entries and whatever else is on my mind--check out Wondering in Color! Wondering in Color is about my journey to see the beauty in everyday life as I strive to live creatively.


If you are wanting to learn new techniques, learn how to pair an wear more colors, enjoy skincare and cosmetics, and like to follow along with tutorials you're in the right place. Subscribe to my blog so you can stay updated and never miss a post!

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