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Red, Orange, Yellow Analogous Makeup Look with Color Theory #becolorsmart

Red, Orange, Yellow Analogous Makeup Look with Color Theory #becolorsmart

Red, Orange, Yellow Analogous Makeup Look



Ready for some bold color? Here are some warm brights which are super fun to wear. They also look really nice with blue eyes since they pop against the blue (but any eye color can wear them). I wear colors like these often in the summer, maybe with a bit of hot pink or royal blue. Let's get into why this eye shadow look is harmonious and blends so perfectly.


This look is created with just a few prodcuts since I wanted to keep the color palette tight. I am using two yellows, Melt Cosmetics Neon and Classic, an orange Sugarpill Flame Point, Mac Brule which is close to my skintone and I am using it to mix with, and lastly Suva Beauty Painted Elephant Hydra Cream Base. 


Here are shwatches of the colors we'll be working with. Red, Orange, and Yellow, and then a yellow tint and orange tint. (tint is hue + white).


Here's how they'd be placed on the colors wheel, so I added blue. As you can see they are all next to each other on the wheel, so this is an analogous color harmony. I went with red to yellow, but you can always go smaller (yellow, yellow-orange, orange) or bigger (yellow, orange, red, red-purple). Since they are next to each other, you are also getting tertiary colors too(if you need a reminder on primary, secondary and tertiary colors click here for a tutorial) as you blend them together even though I am not actually using a yellow-orange eye shadow. I also wanted a light peach, so I mixed orange with a color close to my skin tone. You can always mix shadows together and get even more colors while using just a few shadows. This is why color theory is so useful with makeup.


Since this is an analogous color harmony and the colors are next to each other on the color wheel. I wanted to place the colors next to each other so you can see how nicely they blend into each other. If you are having trouble with having colors muddy or not having nice blends when you work with color try and analogous color harmony. Orange to yellow-orange to yellow, blue to green, red to red-purple- to purple. I love going from red purple- to purple- to violet-to blue violet, it's super pretty especially on green eyes. If you wanna add interest with this color scheme place the colors not touching the color that's right next to it, so red touches yellow, rather than orange, or wear a pink eyeshadow with a peach lip. You can also chose to use only two colors, just a red and yellow and then blend them together to get ornage and all those gradiencts between.


I popped on some lashes in the last photo to make it a bit more wearable since there is a lot of red. I am definitely going to recreate this look for the summer time! I love how bright it is. Would you wear this look? Let me know in the comments and ask any questions you may have!


Thanks for reading!


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