Melt Rust Stack with Smoky liner Makeup Tutorial


Today's makeup tutorial is a smoky liner look created with the Melt Cosmetics new Rust eyeshadow stack. This look is dramatic, but done with neutral colors. It also elongates the eye and will look great on those with longer eye shapes and hooded eyes. I hope you enjoy the video. Let me know in the comments if you liked it and what you want to see next.

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|Product list|
Mac Mylar
Melt Rust stack
Melt Blurr
Inglot 77
Mac Nylon

Mac 239
Hakuhodo J5522
Smith 253
Smith 252
Smith 235
Hakuhodo 5529
Hakuhodo H2081
Smith 212
Smith 203
Hakuhodo G5513
Smith 220
Sigma E45
Sigma E30
Hakuhodo J5529