My Go to Sunblock Review - Paula's Choice Empties

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I posted a review on the Paula's Choice Skincare Routine a few months back.  Today I'll be telling you about my first empty from the products I received and also touching on my top products which I will also be ordering again.

My Go to Sunblock - Paula's Choice Empties

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. This post is sponsored by Paula's Choice via Pretty in My Pocket. As always all opinions are my own. No links are affiliate links. Some items were PR samples and I repurchased an item with my own money.

Hydralight Shine-Free Daily Mineral Complex is my current go to for sunscreen for my face. When I first spoke with a Paula's Choice representative I stated that I don't do well with chemical sunscreens and she told me that Paula's Choice has some physical sunblock options. She selected the Hydralight Shine-Free Daily Mineral Complex since it doesn't have a tint and it's suitable for combination skin. Of all the products I received, this is arguably the most important step as the Hydralight Shine-Free Daily Mineral Complex also has antioxidants as well so it's a great step to prevent signs of aging from the UV rays and free-radicals. A SPF in a or a moisturizer isn't enough for adequate protection as you need at least quarter teaspoon of sunblock is recommended for your face alone to get the full Sun Protection Factor. Which is why I wear a separate sunscreen daily.

I like the Hydralight Shine-Free Daily Mineral Complex since it sits nicely under my makeup, yet still has an SPF of 30. When I want to look glam and wear a full face of makeup, I don't have to worry about sun damage. The best way to prevent signs of aging is being diligent with your sunscreen. I am an everyday sunscreen wearer, since you're getting exposed to the sun's rays even when you're in the car or inside through your windows.  I wear sunscreen year round on my face and décolletage, and in the summer or when I'll be outdoors I also apply it to my body. The Hydralight Shine-Free Daily Mineral Complex has an SPF of 30 and it is broad spectrum. Broad spectrum is important since this will protect your skin from both UVA and UVB rays. UVA rays are what will age your skin and the UVBs will tan or burn your skin. It has physical sun protection. Not only does that mean it will not irritate my skin it also is immediately effective. Physical sunscreens reflects the rays to block them, with Titanium dioxide and Zinc oxide as the active ingredients. Unlike chemical sunscreens that need time to start being effective you can apply and go with a physical SPF.

When I am wearing like the Hydralight Shine-Free Daily Mineral Complex  I haven't had any sunburns, so that's great! I've been outdoors enjoying the warm weather this summer and have unfortunately got a bit pink on my shoulders and arms, but my face hasn't got burnt. I did go floating down the river on Independence Day and got a touch pink on my nose, which is why you need to be reapplying if you're out in the sun and getting wet. I also find that I can use this also as my moisturizer for the day time now that we're in the warmer months which saves me a step in the morning. I also like that this is hydrating as some physical sunscreens I've used have dried out my skin. If you do need some extra hydration like I do during the cooler months, I would apply a moisturizer then waited for about ten minutes before applying the Hydralight Shine-Free Daily Mineral Complex over the top, this gave my the longest wear time for my makeup.


The downsides to physical sunblocks is that they sometimes don't play as nice with oily skin, acne prone skin, and  they also can leave a white cast. I am fair so the white cast isn't an issue for me, but for those with a deeper skintone may have an issue. I did get to try samples of the Resist Super-Light Wrinkle Defense SPF 30 which has a tint to combat the white cast for those with a deeper skin tone.  Physical sunblocks also reflect back in flash photography, so keep this in mind if you'll have lots of photos taken of you with the flash on. Those who are acne prone should spot text with physical sunblocks as Titanium dioxide can cause breakouts for some, so chemical sunblocks are a better option. However, if you've had irritation or stinging from sunscreens before try a physical sunblock as it is gentle on sensitive skin, which is why I am using the Hydralight Shine-Free Daily Mineral Complex .

The Hydralight Shine-Free Daily Mineral Complex comes in a 2 ounce bottle and retails for $26, which I think it worth it since sunblock is the biggest step I can take to prevent signs of aging and this formula doesn't irritate my skin and it isn't super greasy.

This is my current favorite for a facial sunscreen. With physical sunscreens it's best to pat the sunscreen screen rather than rubbing it in will also help give you the best protection,  this also makes it sit the nicest under makeup.  Unfortunately for me and those with sensitive skin, chemical sunblocks tend to play best with makeup as then sink into the skin to neutralize and scatter the UV rays instead of the physical blocks that sit on top of the skin. That being said, the Hydralight Shine-Free Daily Mineral Complex is currently the best physical sunblock I have tried for wearing under makeup. 

I have already repurchased the Hydralight Shine-Free Daily Mineral Complex and so far it's my current go to sunscreen for use on my face and décolletage. As always I'll keep trying new skincare as it comes along to give you guys new reviews, but this products is a winner for me! Paula's Choice has over ten different types of sunscreens so if this sunblock doesn't seem suited for your skin I am sure they have one that will work for you. If you are intrested in getting the Hydralight Shine-Free Daily Mineral Complex or something else from Paula's Choice you can use the code PRIMP20 to get a 20% discount on your order and free shipping.

Overall, I really enjoyed the skincare I was sent, and there are three products that I have used the most . The Hydralight Shine-Free Daily Mineral Complex which I just talked abut! I have also used up most of the Resist C15 Super Booster &  Skin Perfecting 2%BHA Gel . The Resist C15 Super Booster is a great vitamin C serum since it has a  high concentration of vitamin C, yet still doesn't irritate my sensitive skin.The Skin Perfecting 2% BHA gel is something I originally didn't care for as I found it too drying, however, once the warmer months came around and my skin started getting more on the oily side I really have likes how blemish free and smooth it has kept my skin. I will probably get the 1% for winter, but I am sticking with the 2% for summer. With both the BHA gel and the Vitamin C serum I need to wear an SPF during the day, so the sunscreen goes perfect with them.

Let me know what skincare items you've been loving and if you've tried any of the Paula's Choice skincare line before in the comments!